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Kids Like Learning , our name says it all.

We believe that all youngsters naturally enjoy learning, it’s what they’re built for. “Any child” If given half a chance can succeed with the right encouragement and support.

Kids Like Learning provides educational consulting to schools, parents and parent groups. We help students rediscover the joy of learning. As kids learn the specifics of how to study they gain confidence. School gets easier, the work begins to flow and they naturally succeed.

When that happens Kids Blossom!

With that in mind we are developing the Wizards Program. Starting with A Wizard’s Guide to Study Skills for Middle School, It’s designed to take the guesswork out of becoming a really good student. With the increased workload and higher expectations, it’s easy for kids to get off track.

The Wizard’s Guide helps students successfully bridge the transition from Junior High to High School.

The Guide is knowledge-based. To develop our program we rely on findings from human learning research, as well as on classroom-proven techniques. Kids learn what works better and why. A WIzard’s Guide helps students gain new skills in order to:

  • transition more smoothly to high school
  • manage their time wisely
  • deal effectively with homework and tests
  • handle stress while empowering them to take positive action

Kids like the Guide’s friendly style and clear, easy-to-follow explanations. They easily prove to themselves that it works.

A Wizard’s Guide is essential job training for academic success!


“A Wizard’s Guide to Study Skills – Middle School Edition”
is published on Amazon available “NOW!”



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