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Qualifications, Experience and Approach

My Doctorate and Masters Degrees are in Counseling Psychology and I hold active school psychology, teaching and counseling credentials. As a school psychologist I’ve worked with students in grades K – 12. Under a Federal research grant I spearheaded an innovative remedial reading program for 4th – 6th graders that brought students up a full grade level in only four months.
I’ve taught in the Graduate Psychology Program at Pepperdine University, instructed UC Irvine School of Medicine Pediatric and Family Practice Residents, and headed up the Parent Education Program at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Orange, CA. In my 20 + years as a clinical psychologist, I’ve had extensive experience working with children, adolescents and families.

Recently as a Certified Mediator at the Center for Dialog and Resolution, Tacoma, WA (formerly known as: PCCDR) I’ve learned a great deal about communication and what works.

All my skills and experience come into play developing just the right approach to help your child succeed.

An inclusive and collaborative methodology assures that everyone is in sync and working toward the same goals. Bit by bit what we develop enables a shift in attitude, so that class work and homework become less of a chore. Soon you’ll even notice that your child’s attitudes toward school improve.

Why “Kids Like Learning”? They just do: It’s that simple. In this world of high stakes testing and competition to get into the right school, both parents and educators often lose sight of this. Youngsters really do enjoy learning. They want to succeed. A positive approach helps them remember this so they reconnect with the joy of learning. I care. My goal is the same as yours: “a healthy, productive, happy kid.”


Every youngster needs opportunities to grow and succeed.

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A copy of my Credentials is available upon request.