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A Wizard’s Guide to Study Skills

by Irene Hartzell, Ph.D.

A Wizard’s Guide to Study Skills is a research-based Student Guidebook

designed specifically for middle school and jr. high students Grades 6 – 9.

The Guidebook was developed to help students

  • Learn more efficient ways to study
  • Reduce time spent studying and doing homework
  • Gain time management skills
  • Increase reading speed while maintaining comprehension
  • Learn test-taking strategies to improve test scores and grades
  • Build confidence and a sense of self worth

What student wouldn’t want to improve their learning and spend less time doing homework?

The complete Wizard’s Guide to Study Skills – “Middle School Edition”, will be made available on Amazon in March 2018.

If you are an educator and interested in a review copy please fill out the form below to request one! We would really appreciate your feedback.